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    Welcome to 25NDRIVE.COM!

    We are here to help you get that approval for that new car. Here, we understand having credit problems and not being able to qualify for exactly what you want right now but we strive to do is get you approved to get into a new vehicle not so much what you want but more for what you can afford and what you qualify for at this time.

    We don’t play games, we are straight to the point. If you are looking into getting into a quality vehicle with comfortable payments for about a year in a half to 2 years and build your credit up to were you can get into the type of vehicle you want with the payments and a great interest rate, then this is the company for you. With a little skin in the game to show us that your seriously committed into getting a approval and building your credit using your loan and not wasting your time or our time we ask these few things from you.

    How It Works

    Complete our application in full

    Have all qualifying documents proof of income paystubs, bank statements, Proof of Residence utility bill, mail with your name and address on it.

    Valid driver's License or valid State ID.

    Have down payment stated in application ready. (MIN 500.00)

    $25.00 dollar deposit to process

    If all information listed on application can be verified with all documentation and a approval is not provided within 72 hours a refund of your $25.00 dollar deposit and a additional $50.00 dollars will be given to applicant. This is how 100% percent confident we are that thru our investors, private lenders, banks, and various dealerships WE WILL GET YOU DONE!!!

    So take a few minutes complete our application and get ready to drive..